Study Permits

Study in Canada
Canada is a global leader in providing educational and immigration opportunities to international students! It’s easy to understand why so many international students choose to call Canada their home; Canadian schools offer quality education with affordable tuition rates in a country which boasts one of the highest rates of international student satisfaction in the world!

Designated Learning Institutions
In order to study in Canada, an international student must be attending a designated learning institution (DLI). Not all schools in Canada are designated, so make sure you consult our DLI resource prior to applying for a Canadian school.
Levels of Study
Those wishing to study in Canada have to understand the various levels of education. Otherwise, how will you be able to select a study program that fits your needs? Canada has a complex education system, including elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. IMCA can find out what best suits your needs!

Acceptance Letter
One of the key requirements for a study permit application, is a letter of acceptance. This is a letter from a Canadian educational institution stating that a person has been accepted into a program of study. With IMCA you can get your own acceptance letter!

Get Your Study Permits
The study permit application can be intimidating. There are many requirements, from getting your letter of acceptance, to completing the government application, to ensuring that you’ve included all the correct documents. We have designed a resource to help all those who are looking to study in Canada.

Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ)
If you want to study in the province of Quebec, there are a few extra steps to getting your study permit. Quebec is unique in the landscape of Canadian immigration because it organizes its own independent immigration policies. For international students, if you want to study in Quebec, first you have to obtain a Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ). This is a legal document authorizing you to study in the province. 

Refusals and Appeals
It is not uncommon for a study permit application to be refused. If an application is missing information or if an immigration officer decides the applicant does not meet the program requirements, the application will be refused. Thankfully, a study permit refusal does not have to be the end of the road. Find out what to do if your application is refused and if you can appeal the decision.

Live as a Student in Canada
International students tell amazing stories of their experiences studying in Canada. Most Canadian schools have departments designed to help international students with settling in. Finding housing, navigating public transit, applying for health insurance, and even preparing for the cold winter months, international students can expect to receive lots of support from their new community in Canada. With your Canadian study permit, you will be authorized to work part-time while you’re studying! This may help you to cover tuition fees and the cost of living.

As well, if you apply with your spouse or common-law partner, they may be eligible to apply for an open work permit, allowing them to work full-time in Canada while you are studying. If you have minor children, they will be automatically eligible to study at a Canadian school. If your program of study is taking longer than expected or if you change schools or programs, you may be required to update your student permit. Whatever the case may be, IMCAconsultancy Team can advise you on what you need to do to maintain status in Canada.